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Index Diversified is the company behind the "PenDrive" logo and trademark. We are a full IT Business hardware and services company dealing with manufacturing all PenDrive products, USB flash drives, flash memory, SD cards, External hard drives, Digital portable player, Card readers, PenSkinz and PenZoft. The latest innovative products that Index manufacture, are digital photo frames, Digital Portable DiVx players and new upcoming portable devices. Index Diversified is also the exclusive Asia Pacific Toshiba flash drives, memory cards and hard drive reseller. Recently, PenDrive is now a full-blown Services company marketing Bulletpages, Bulletmall, Bulletlive, GeeTunes, Carry-It-Easy and many other new software applications. Index Diversified have strong presence in 7 countries and have resellers in all regions. With sales revenues reaching RM20 million, Index are poised for exponential business growth.